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Toby Jugs Wanted

We are keen to purchase fine early English pottery toby jugs circa 1780-1840. Ralph Wood running glaze, or unusual enamel models including 20th century full sets of F.Carruthers Gould first world war one Wilkinson jugs. All purchases and contacts will be held in the strictest confidence. If you are collectors, dealers, executors or beneficiaries and have a toby jug that matches the above criteria and you think it could be of interest please send a brief description or photograph with price and condition to: diane.ginns@yahoo.co.uk

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Toby Jugs Articles

Restoration on Antique Staffordshire Pottery Toby Jugs.

We've really enjoyed collecting and dealing over the years. However on a social visit to a new collector who had hastily put together a large collection of Toby jugs we were dismayed to see so much restoration that had not been declared. It is that collector's lack of experience in being able to evaluate condition prior to purchase that has prompted us to write this article.

Toby Jugs Wanted. Best prices paid.

If you are collectors, dealers, executors or beneficiaries and have a toby jug to sell that matches our criteriawe we would like to here from you.

Toby Jugs Books of Interest.

Toby Jug catalogues and interesting books: The Earle Collection of Early Staffordshire Pottery, Astbury Whieldon and Ralph Wood figures and Toby jugs, The Wood Family of Burslem, Old English Pottery,

Museums where Staffordshire toby Jugs are on public display.

Museums where you can view English antique toby jugs. The Ashmolean, Oxford and the Hanley Museum Stoke on Trent Staffordshire are two of the best.

Wood and Sons Toby Jugs, Staffordshire England.

Most Toby collectors know of the famous Wood family name but have you seen the 20th century models produced through the 1970's-81?

Victorian Toby Jugs.

A fun field of collecting that will result in many hours of pleasure.

Toby Jug A-Z List 1780-1850

A comprehensive list of British antique Staffordshire pottery toby jugs that are available to collectors.

Contemporary or fake antique Toby jugs. Part one.

Running glaze Long Face Toby jug circa?
Ralph Wood, Enoch Wood, Tony Wood?
Original, contemporary or fake. ?
When handling antiques for a long period of time you instinctively know when something is right or wrong.