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We are keen to purchase fine early English pottery toby jugs circa 1780-1840. Ralph Wood running glaze, or unusual enamel models including 20th century full sets of F.Carruthers Gould first world war one Wilkinson jugs. All purchases and contacts will be held in the strictest confidence. If you are collectors, dealers, executors or beneficiaries and have a toby jug that matches the above criteria and you think it could be of interest please send a brief description or photograph with price and condition to: diane.ginns@yahoo.co.uk

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Antique Staffordshire Toby Jug Books of interest.

The Earle Collection of Early Staffordshire Pottery
Cyril Earl
Astbury Whieldon & Ralph Wood figures & toby jugs
Captain R.K.Price
The Wood Family of Burslem
Frank Falkner
The Wood Family (Ceramics 3 May/June 1986
Pat Halfpenny
Old English Pottery-The Freeth Collection
Mr.& Mrs.Frank Freeth
Good Sir Toby.
Desmond Eles
Toby Jugs
John Bedford
Jugs. A collectors Guide.
James Paton
Naval Ceramics
PD Gordon Pugh & Margery Pugh
Pratt Ware.
John & Griselda Lewis.
British Toby Jugs.
Vic Schuler
The Bute Collection Catalogue 1996.
Mackintosh Collection Catalogues 1967
The Fun of Toby Jugs. Lord Mackintosh of Halifax
The Conneisseur June 1954
F.Stacey Hooker Collection Catalogue.
The World of Antiques. No.9 Summer 1991 Collecting Toby Jugs
Sara Pozzo
Collectors World, January 1986- The British Toby Jug.
Francis Salmon
Antique Collector. December 1978- The Popular Toby Jug
Oliver Mathews
and for the 20th century collectors

The Shorter Connection. A family Pottery 1874-1974
Richard Dennis

Toby and Character Jugs of the 20th century and their makers. David C. Fastenau and Stephen M. Mullins
There is a small selection of early toby jugs from the authors private collection through the first few introduction pages. Tobies are on view at The American Toby Jug Museum Chicago. Illinois USA.

It's a good idea to keep all archive specialist sale catalogues from the major auction houses. These are a great source of information and you never know you may be able to track down one of your precious purchases which could increase its value. The provenance of a pottery item is wonderful to know and is all part of the enjoyment of collecting. Do you ask for history/provenance when you make a pottery purchase? Any information you are given must be backed by genuine evidence.