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We are keen to purchase fine early English pottery toby jugs circa 1780-1840. Ralph Wood running glaze, or unusual enamel models including 20th century full sets of F.Carruthers Gould first world war one Wilkinson jugs. All purchases and contacts will be held in the strictest confidence. If you are collectors, dealers, executors or beneficiaries and have a toby jug that matches the above criteria and you think it could be of interest please send a brief description or photograph with price and condition to: diane.ginns@yahoo.co.uk

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Toby Jug News

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Buff coloured Hearty Goodfellow Toby Jug. Circa 1850


Two Early Toby Jugs - Including one yelloware example, full standing figure with pitcher of beer in right hand and pipe in left, wearing tri-corner hat and red waist coat with applied C scroll handle, circa 1850 and likely American; and a Dalton type stoneware Toby in two tone glaze, 5 1/2" high.

Result 250 GBP

What would preclude this Toby jug from being 18th century?

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Buff coloured Yorkshire type Toby Jug. Circa 1815

EBay 11.2.13

A very crude Hearty Good Fellow toby jug (left) has just been sold on EBay for approx. £750-00. This is surprising as buff coloured wares usually make a fraction of the price than those of good traditional colour. The circular decorative patches are similar to that found on buff coloured cow groups, a good reference point when identifying the potters of this jug.

Result 750 GBP

In 2002 when Toby jug prices were at their height the Dollar rate was similar as today. Christies sold a similar Hearty Goodfellow for 2000 GBP see:
They have continued to come onto the market but have fared poorly in comparison to others over the 15 years.

A full set of eleven Wilkinson Carruthers Gould World War One Toby jugs of the allied war leaders.

Wilkinson Toby Jugs

Bonhams 15.11.17

A full set of eleven WW1 Toby jugs realised a bid of 3500 GBP.
That is great value for a complete set when averaged out at 318 GBP each especially Botha that is limited to 250.

Recent estimates ranged between 5-10,000 GBP for a full set.

A full set of eleven Wilkinson Carruthers Gould World War One Toby jugs of the allied war leaders.

Value for money if your looking for WW1 Toby jugs.

Sheffield Auction 1.12.17.

Good result for Seven Wilkinson WW1 Toby jugs that have just sold for a bid of 1700 GBP or 243 GBP each

Estimate was 12-1800 GBP