A very fine Pratt-ware Hearty Goodfellow or Standing Sailor model antique Toby jug. Staffordshire.

Antique Toby Jugs

Antique Toby Jugs: We offer for sale the best and rarest Staffordshire Toby Jugs and Ralph Wood Toby Jugs. Our original articles will give you invaluable information and knowledge on collectable antique Staffordshire pottery circa 1785-1920. The toby jug news reports will keep you up to date with all the latest gossip, trends and price guides, toby jugs to avoid when fake or restored with questions and answers, an interesting read for all collectors of quality Staffordshire antique English pottery.

A fine running qlaze antique squire toby jug. Staffordshire circa 1785.

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Antique Staffordshire toby jugs wanted to buy by Ray and Diane Ginns.

Staffordshire antique Toby jug auctioneers hammer Under The Hammer
Staffordshire Toby Jug
Updated. 12.11.15

Wright Marshall Ltd
http://wrightmarshall.co.uk/ 26.11.15

Lot 138. A Toby jug painted with a blue tricorn hat and red coat.

Estimate 10-20

Keys Fine Art Auctioneers
http://www.keysauctions.co.uk/ 24.11.15

Lot 345. 19th Century Staffordshire Toby Jug modelled as a seated gent in tricorn hat holding a pipe and jug, raised on a rectangular plinth base, some restoration apparent, 9 high

Estimate 50-70

A pearlware Whieldon Toby jug of so-called 'step' or 'Twyford' type

Dreweatts - Donnington Saleroom
http://www.dreweatts.com 15.4.15

Lot 445. A pearlware Toby jug of so-called 'step' or 'Twyford' type, circa 1780, modelled seated with pipe and jug and decorated in shades of blue, green and brown, 25cm high

Sold on the reserve £350
Badly damaged with old restorations

A late 18th century Ralph Wood type Staffordshire toby jug, modelled as Admiral Lord Howe

Philip Serrell 8.1.15

A late 18th century Ralph Wood type Staffordshire toby jug, modelled as Admiral Lord Howe,
wearing a tricorn hat, holding a beer jug in one hand and a beaker in the other,seated on a trunk with moulded base, decorated in blue and white, height 11.5ins
Condition: badly damaged... see news report.

Estimate: 400-600

Staffordshire Antique Toby Jug Articles

How to spot restoration on antique Staffordshire Toby jugs Restoration on Antique Toby Jugs.
Looking for restoration on antique Toby jugs and Staffordshire pottery. A few important points to consider that you probably are not aware of that will help avoid the costly mistakes when starting your collection pottery purchases. Not everyone excepts restoration....

Real collectors of antique Toby jugs that have given others inspiration to collect Real Collectors of Antique Toby Jugs
Meet some of the real collectors who have given others inspiration to purchase Toby jugs. Individuals who over the years have shared their first collecting moments. This has inspired them to become authors, museum owners, collectors or just pottery Toby jug specialists.

Martha Gunn Toby Jug. Brighton dipper, immortalised in clay as a Staffordshire Toby Jug by Ralph Wood. Staffordshire antique pottery circa 1785. Martha Gunn Toby Jug. immortalised in clay as a Staffordshire Toby Jug by Ralph Wood.
Of the female Toby jugs Martha Gunn is the most famous, her Prince of Wales feathered mop cap makes her regal and distinctive. She worked as a bathing attendant "a dipper" on the beach at Brighton. Find her illustrated by Ralph Wood....

Harold Vincent Mackintosh 1891-1964: antique Staffordshire Toby Jug Collector. Harold Vincent Mackintosh 1891-1964: Staffordshire Toby Jug Collection.
A rare Mackintosh's Quality Street toffee tin showing some of his Staffordshire Toby jug collection. He was an avid collector of fine Ralph Wood toby jugs that sold through Sotheby's in various auction sales starting on 2nd May 1967.

Antique Cream-ware Toby jug associated with the Leeds area potteries. Leeds Pottery Toby Jug: Speaking out for the Humble Leeds!
Looking for an early period antique Leeds type Cream-ware Toby jug? This article will highlight a few points to help you to be more selective of a common model often over looked for its Ralph Wood or Whieldon rivals.

Sir Francis Carruthers Gould, Wilkinson's World War One 1914-1918 Toby Jugs. World War One Staffordshire Toby Jugs 1914-1918:- Sir Francis Carruthers Gould.
Although sold today as a set of 11 Toby jugs they were potted in different quantities between 1915-1919. His Majesty King George V is also collected with Royal Commemorative wares and was potted in a limited edition quantity of 1000...

Sharp-Face Toby Jug by Ralph Wood of Burslem Staffordshire Stoke on Trent. Sharp-Face Toby Jug by Ralph Wood, Staffordshire Potters of Burslem.
Lord George-Brown.
Labour politician of the 1960's
potted by Ralph Wood in the 1780's?
The well known politician Lord George-Brown was always compared with the likeness...

Wood and sons contemporay set of Staffordhire Toby Jugs of Ralph Wood type. 20th century A contemporary set of Staffordshire Toby Jugs of Ralph Wood type.
Limited Edition Toby Jugs by Wood & Sons, Staffordshire England. Most Toby collectors know the famous Wood family name but have you seen the 20th century models produced through the 1970's-81?

Comparing contemporary or fake antique Toby jugs to the genuine Staffordshire Toby jug example. Part one. Contemporary Antique Toby Jugs. Part 1:
Long Face Toby jug circa?
Ralph Wood, Enoch Wood, Tony Wood?
Original, contemporary or fake. ?
When handling antiques for a long period of time you instinctively know when something is right or wrong.

Comparing contemporary or fake antique Toby jugs to the genuine Staffordshire Toby jug example. Part two. Contemporary Antique Toby Jugs. Part 2:
Leeds creamware marked Toby jugs and other comparison jugs. The question is were they made when collecting became popular (at the end of the 19th century) with the purpose to deceive the Toby collectors of that day. A catalogue was published....

A mezzotint produced by Robert Deighton that could have been the inspiration for the first Toby jug produced in the Staffordshire potteries. Old Toby Jugs. Antique Staffordshire Pottery circa 1780-1900.
A good basic history introduction antique toby jug article on the inspiration for the first toby jug and some of the different models available to collect from the 1780's through to the Victorian period. Toby jugs have always been collected...

Information on antiquarian British Staffordshire Toby Jug books. Toby Jug books.
Toby Jug catalogues and articles include:
The Earle Collection of Early Staffordshire Pottery. Astbury Whieldon & Ralph Wood figures & Toby jugs. The Wood Family of Burslem. Old English Pottery-The Freeth Collectiom. British Toby Jugs.

Trafalgar Toby jugs, Nelson's Sailors, American Sailors and the Dollars antique Toby jugs. Nelson's Victory Sailors Antique Staffordshire Toby Jugs.
Trafalgar Toby, Dollars Toby also known as an American Sailor: Toby jugs to commemorate Vice-Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, his flagship HMS Victory, the Sailor crew and the Battle of Trafalgar (1805), attributed to the Enoch Wood factory, Staffordshire, England....

A catalogue of many Victorian Staffordshire Toby jugs made in the potteries. Collecting Vicorian Staffordshire Antique Toby Jugs, not to be dismissed.
Victorian Toby Jug 1850 + detailing
Staffordshire Toby Jugs & "Blues"....
After cobalt blue was introduced as an
under glaze colour for the larger areas
of figural pottery....

Pinboard for-fake or contemporary Staffordshire Toby jugs Add questionable Staffordshire Toby Jugs to our Pin Board.
This page will show some Toby jug styles and decoration which we consider to be possibly contemporary, fakes or reproductions of their day. Were they made to deceive collectors of English Staffordshire pottery.

Gilbert and Sullivan D'Oyly Carte Opera Company Toby Jugs By Shorter and Sons. England. Shorter D'Oyly Carte Staffordshire Toby Jugs
The Gilbert and Sullivan characters from The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company were marketed from 1949 by Shorter & Sons Ltd. Stoke-on-Trent, England. A set of fourteen character toby jugs was created and designed from colourful costumes worn by actors.

Memorable Antique Toby Jug Stories shared for the enjoyment of the Staffordshire toby jug collector. Toby Jug stories .
Have you an Antique Staffordshire Toby jug story you would like to share? Collectors tell you some of their memorable stories about the pleasure it gave them to find their first toby jug...some have moved on to fill many cabinets. Have you caught the "toby bug" yet?....

Museums where antique Staffordshire Toby Jugs can be viewed. The Hanley and Ashmolean being two of the best. Staffordshire Antique Toby Jugs on public display.
Museums where you can view English antique toby jugs. The Ashmolean, Oxford and the Hanley Museum Stoke on Trent Staffordshire are two of the best.

A fine Lord Howe antique Toby jug in running glaze of Ralph Wood period. Staffordshire pottery c1780. Antique Toby Jug Buying Guide.
Ray & Diane Ginns guide to buying and selling antique Staffordshire Toby jugs through this site and at auction. Sensible independent advice.

A group display of antique Staffordshire Toby jugs. Introduction to starting a new collection of Staffordshire Toby jugs.
Start your Toby jug collection with something you like rather than for investment. Sound advice is to buy the most uncommon or rare model in the best possible condition, with no restoration and with rich colour.

A mixed group of Staffordshire antique pottery including Ralph Wood Toby jugs to Victorian Stafordshire figures.

Antique Staffordshire Pottery

One of the best collections of antique toby jugs I have seen consisted of just six jugs. They were the finest and rarest Staffordshire Ralph Wood and Whieldon models you could ever want to own. Positioned central in a Victorian display cabinet and surrounded by complementary wares by the same potters, the glass making the running glaze on the jugs come alive.
It's that thought that has prompted us to include our other antique Staffordshire pottery articles to tempt you into a broader collecting field which will also help with identification of your Staffordshire Toby jugs.

Ed-Saleroom antique toby jug news reporter.

Auction news reports and saleroom gossip. Relevant Questions
and answers including Toby jugs to avoid when fake or restored.
updated 13.5.15

Impressed Neale & Co. Toby jugs inscribed with a number.
Can anyone help with the request below.

Although most Neale Toby jugs of which I am aware bear no marks at all, there are of course some with the Neale & Co mark---and one, at least, that has an incised number accompanying the mark. The numbers clearly identify potters working in the Neale factory, and hence any additions to the list (which runs to 97 with certainty, but with a considerable number of gaps) would be of interest. The same would be true of any Tobys even if they bear an incised number already on record, as they might add to the range of products attributable to individual potters. I would be grateful for any information on the subject that you are able to provide.

R&D. We have had several impressed enamel Neale & Co Toby jugs with inscribed numbers, even a running glaze one. Unfortunatly we didn't record any of these markings when sold. The only one I have in stock with an inscribed mark has the number 16.
What I can do is post a message on the site for further information.

It's very interesting that several numbered Tobys have passed through your hands, Raymond, and I'm not at all surprised that you didn't record the numbers. With the notable exception of Diana Edwards, neither authors nor auction-house staff have taken note of the numbers in the past, because their significance wasn't apparent. Your number 16 Toby is the second with that potter's identification, and my records include only one other piece by the person, so the addition of a second Toby is certainly of interest. I would be very interested to see the result of a message on your site, and I wouldn't need anything complicated in the way of information, nothing more than the number itself.

Staffordshire pottery Double Base Toby jug.

Ralph Wood Style Toby Jugs
Receive Mixed Results at

Ralph Wood Style Toby Jugs
including two Carruthers gould ww1 jugs.

A Mackintosh Ralph Wood Toby jug. A Ralph Wood Raised Cup Toby Jug.

You begin to see how the different colour combinations alter their characters when placed together, always look for the more unusual colours.

Mac Ralph Wood 51 Toby has little interest and was sold on the reserve at a total of 1125.

You can never predict prices at auction but I did think this Ralph Wood Toby jug (left) would have made a little bit more given recent results for Mackintosh jugs, although this one is not listed in the 1967 catalogue. Could the price represent a correction to normality? In my mind it is the correct price for a rather plain dull coloured jug with hat damage. Only a few weeks earlier a R. Wood 51 example with similar reported damage but much better colour realized 2600 (3200 total) in the Colin Russell sale, its big attraction being an impressed 51. It just goes to show that not even a famous provenance will inspire the few collectors to continue to pay premium prices.
Our mail bag reported how uninspiring this jug was so I am not surprised that it only made a 950 bid. If you recall the last Bonhams sale, apart from one Step toby, most of the other jugs sold cheaply near the reserve and were assumed to have been bought by one dealer, so it will be interesting to see if this one has gone to the same home. Let us all hope that the lone crusader attends the Woolley and Wallis sale 25.11.14.

Believe it or not?

Did any of you catch the article of a collector insisting that paint striper be used on a ceramic piece to check for restoration before purchase. Extreme to say the leased. If only it would work on photographs!!!!
This does show how worryingly restoration bothers some collectors, and rightly so. If you are having difficulty spotting restoration try viewing it in different lights, auctions aside, if you do see any that is not declared walk away.