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We are keen to purchase fine early English pottery toby jugs circa 1780-1840. Ralph Wood running glaze, or unusual enamel models including 20th century full sets of F.Carruthers Gould first world war one Wilkinson jugs. All purchases and contacts will be held in the strictest confidence. If you are collectors, dealers, executors or beneficiaries and have a toby jug that matches the above criteria and you think it could be of interest please send a brief description or photograph with price and condition to:

We are sorry but are unable to give personal valuations.

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Ralph Wood Bacchus, Pan and the serpent Toby Jug.
Ralph Wood Bacchus and Pan Toby jug

Brightwells 20.4.16
A majolica Bacchus, Pan and the serpent Wine Jug, 12 1/2in H
This lovely colourful Ralph Wood Bacchuss Toby jug was described as majolica but is instantly recognizable to all collectors of Ralph Wood pieces. Not all liked it enough with the Toby realizing a meager 120 GBP
Estimate was 80-120 GBP

Ralph Wood small toby jug.
Miniture Ralph Wood Toby jug

East Bristol Auctions 14.4.16
Having failed to sell on two previous occasions with an estimate of 1000 GBP this nice small Ralph Wood Toby jug is being Re-listed. The new estimate is a very reasonable 300 GBP. My first purchase of this model at auction was in the early eighties at a cost of 600 GBP. Definitely worth following.
Price realized 340 GBP

EBay. Item number: 291705615095

This colourful jug had a turbulent sale on EBay last week. It was offered at a "Buy it Now" price of around 1200 GBP that gradually reduced to 700 GBP while at the same time being offered with a bidding starting price of 199 GBP. It eventually found its own level selling for 399 GBP.
With over two hundred jugs for sale around the country at this time they can quickly become stale, so it is important to give your toby the right sale attribution. This one was described as:
A Rare English Antique Ralph Wood Pottery of Burslem Staffordshire. Toby Philpot Jug, Whieldon Ware with rare muted colour run glaze, circa 1765.
I have never come across a R.Wood toby with a running glaze black hat and such a heavy handle in all my dealing years. Attribution should always be taken with a pinch of salt and more attention paid to what is before you. This toby only had age related wear which was clearly shown in numerous photographs that buyers seem to prefer. What you should take away from this sale is that a good R.Wood toby can be as little as 399 GBP. There has never been a better time to collect English pottery.
Ref: Ralph Wood Toby jugs.

A mid 19th century S and H Briddon Brampton salt glaged Toby jug.
Auction: Jackson, Green & Preston. 18.3.16

A salt glazed Toby jug

Not many collectors buy buff or white wares but this salt-glazed toby (top) might change your mind as it's unusually marked S-H Briddon. Marked genuine dated pieces are always nice to have in any collection but if its not for you a record should be kept for future reference. Last year this similar important salt-glaze jug (bottom) was sold in the USA. It passed by without a mention and reminded me of how collecting has changed from historical to decorative. Have a good look at it and see if you think it could be a jug commemorating a changing point in history or just a point in history that changed.

Our auction archive will be updated shortly.

A 19th century Scottish Toby jug.

Being sold at Great Western Auctions on the 18.3.16 is this lovely Scottish Toby jug. Twelve photographs will inspire confidence for all collectors worried about buying damage items. Sometimes described as circa 1800, and even one impressed with an implausible 1794 date will still not convince me they are anything other than Victorian. Competitively priced at 60-80 GBP this colourful jug would add to any collection.
Ref: The evolution of the Yorkshire Toby jug.

A Yorkshire Toby jug.
EBay. item number 111885930326

If you are looking for a genuine Yorkshire toby jug then maybe this might be the one for you. Being sold on EBay this week is an early 19th century toby where condition is shown in no less than 41 images. Apart from auction, I never buy if condition is not mentioned alongside description, but this seller's approach will encourage most, especially when you see their feedback at 100%. The jugs rarity is average but what is interesting, and something I have never encountered before, is the unusual shape of the crown that you wouldn't normally expect to see with this jug. Although it is only shown in situ you get the impression of a genuine original complete piece with just age related wear. The missing small cup doesn't have to be restored, but if you have to don't be tempted to replace it with anything that isn't true to this jug. An item will only be original once and will command 100% audience, if you mess with it interest will only decline. If you are serious about collecting do keep the image for reference to help avoid associated crowns or alterations.

An unusual white glazed Toby jug.
Peachtree and Bennett

This was an interesting sale of mixed toby jugs that covered several periods. It was probably assembled in the late 70s when you take into account the old yellowing and part restorations. Notice how all the fine glaze chipping / frosting has been left untouched with only essential work carried out. The unrecorded white toby jug is where you should focus your attention. It is potted in a traditional style with a narrow plinth supporting a flat unglazed base, a real collectors piece but it only achieved a winning bid of $10. I have listed most of the other early jugs but if you want to see the full auction in greater detail do view Peachtree's own website where each jug can be seen with numerous large photographs for each lot.
Rupert Toovey also had an unusual jug (left) with a flat unglazed base that was signed R Wood. The jovial character was nicely coloured in running glazes and realized a bid of 360 pounds. A website to bookmark and follow.

Any jug with a flat unglazed base will always be of interest
Be cautious and view the package as a whole as there is every chance it could be a prototype, studio piece or fake. The Peachtree jug was sold at a bargain price of $10 but can you imagine the possibilities if glazed in prattware colours.


18th c. glazed stoneware Toby jug.

The Auction House of Bridport
Sale date: 29.4.16
Lot 254. 18th c. glazed stoneware Toby jug with tricorn hat, blue coat and a pint of ale!
Estimate 0 GBP
Result: 320 GBP


A Leonard Jarvis creamware commemorative toby jug: modelled as a seated Winston Churchill.

Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood
Sale date: 19.4.16
Lot 541. A Leonard Jarvis creamware commemorative toby jug: modelled as a seated Winston Churchill, with palette and brushes in one hand, the other raised in the victory salute, under pale yellow, brown and green tones, signed and numbered 38/350, the base captioned 'The Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill
Estimate 400-500 GBP



Sale date: 3.3.16
Lot 162. A LATE 18TH CENTURY YORKSHIRE TOBY JUG, decorated in Pratt style colours on a green base, 11cm high
Estimate 120-180 GBP


An 18th century pearlware Toby jug.

Sale date: 13.2.16
Lot 162. An 18th century pearlware Toby jug (lacking cover) (a.f.)


Three 19th century pearlware Toby jugs.

Sale date: 17.2.16
Lot 598. Three 19th century pearl ware Toby jugs.
Estimate 60-100 GBP

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